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Chocolate Lab - Your Guide To The Chocolate Labrador Retriever. By. Pippa Mattinson. -. May 26, 2023. 395. The Chocolate Lab is a friendly, confident and loving dog with great character and huge appeal as a pet. You may have heard rumors that chocolate labs are less intelligent and more prone to health problems than their yellow and black Lab.

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Between that, their water-resistant coat, and webbed toes, you may have trouble getting your Chocolate Lab out of the water! Fully-grown Chocolate Labrador Retrievers usually stand 21-25 inches tall and weigh 55-80 pounds. Chocolate Labs generally live for 11-13 years on average. The British Kennel Club first recognized the Labrador Retriever.

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Labrador Retrievers come in three different colors. But, the Chocolate Lab is the rarest of them all. They have all the beloved qualities of the Labrador and a beautiful chocolaty brown coat. The chocolate is equal to yellow and black Labs in physicality, temperament, and personality. There is a common misconception that Chocolate Labradors are.

Chocolate Lab Your Guide To The Chocolate Labrador Retriever

The chocolate Labrador is one of the three standard color variations of the Labrador Retriever breed — the other two being black and yellow. Chocolate Labs have brown pigmentation with shades ranging from medium to dark brown. They were simply called chocolate Labs because they have a brown coat that resembles the color of chocolate (food).

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May 17, 2023. 142. The Labrador comes in three main colors: black, chocolate, and yellow. These colors come in few different shades, some through breeding darker tones to deeper hues like with the red fox Lab, and others through genetic differences like dilute genes. Dilute genes make the typical Labrador Retriever colors more pale, giving you.

Chocolate Lab Retriever Breeders Hidden Pond Labradors

3. Chocolate Labrador Image Credit: skeeze, Pixabay. The rarest of the three major Labrador colors, the Chocolate Lab is beautiful and adorable with a deep brown, chocolate-colored coat. The shade or intensity of the chocolate color can vary quite a bit, and even Chocolate Labs from the same litter can range from a light brown to what would be better described as a mix between a Chocolate Lab.

Chocolate Lab Your Guide To The Chocolate Labrador Retriever

Chocolate Labrador Retrievers are one of the three recognized colors of Labrador Retrievers, along with black and yellow. They are known for their friendly, gentle, and playful personalities. Chocolate Labs are also brilliant and easy to train, making them popular family pets and working dogs. The American Kennel Club ranks Chocolate Labrador.

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A Chocolate Lab is the rarest color variation of the purebred Labrador Retriever and not a separate dog breed. It comes in all shades of brown, from light liver to dark mahogany. Chocolate Labradors are medium-to-large-size dogs that measure 21.5 to 24.5 inches (55 to 62 cm) tall and weigh between 55 and 80 pounds (25 to 36 kg).

Chocolate Lab Your Guide To The Chocolate Labrador Retriever

It's not just any brown, it's this deep, rich chocolate color that practically glows in the sun. This is what distinguishes them from most Labradors.. Chocolate Labrador Retrievers should be fed 2.5 to 3 cups of large dog kibble per day, split into two separate meals, with the exact portion size depending on age, weight, metabolism.

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Brown labs are a variation of the Labrador Retriever breed, which originated in Newfoundland, Canada. The Labrador Retriever was initially bred as a fishing and hunting companion, known for its exceptional retrieving abilities. The brown coat color is a result of a recessive gene, which became more prevalent in the Labrador Retriever population.

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The Labrador Retriever has topped the charts as America's most popular dog breed for years. Labs are loyal, loving pets as well as dutiful and skilled workers. There is no debate that Labradors are popular and loved around the world. Yet, there is a debate for which color is the best! Three famous Labrador colors are black, yellow, and chocolate.

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The good news is that Labradors are one of the longest living dog breeds, with most living for 12 years. The bad news is that Chocolate Labradors will have a shorter lifespan than average. According to a study of over 33,000 dogs, the average lifespan is 10.7 years. Unfortunately, they are also more likely to have health problems.

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The median longevity for all labs is about 12 years, while the median age for chocolate labs was 10.7. Overall, Labrador retrievers are still one of the longest-living dog breeds, reported another.

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Chocolate Lab Facts. A chocolate Lab is a purebred Labrador Retriever with a brown or liver coat. They occasionally present with a silver sheen, where they have inherited a dilute gene from their parents. However, most chocolate Labs have a dark brown, solid coat. Although they might occasionally have a tiny bit of white on their chest or toes.

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The Chocolate Labrador is just like any other Labrador Retriever, just with a beautiful chocolate-colored coat. One of the three standard Labrador colors: Ye.

Chocolate Lab Your Goto Guide To The Chocolate Labrador Retriever (2023)

The chocolate Labrador Retriever is a medium to large breed with a well-balanced and sturdy build, displaying a strong physique. They typically have a height range between 21.5 to 24.5 inches (55-62 cm) at the shoulder and weigh in the range of 55 to 80 pounds (25-36 kg).